Love vs Fear

Is fear keeping you from loving people the way we have been taught to love by our Creator?  Leviticus 19:18

It is by Love we are made perfect or complete, whole, lacking nothing, that we may have fearless confidence for the day of judgment, because as He is, we also are like Him in this world. “18 There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.”  “Fear has to do with torment and whoever fears has not been perfected or made complete in love.

How is it possible to love the unlovable?  “19 We love because he first loved us”.  1 John 4:17-19

How can love cast our fear?  I can understand fear casting out love, fear is huge, paralyzing and magnifies quickly in the imagination.  Fear has enough power over us to keep us from even wanting to love anyone different than ourselves.

It took me a long time to understand that with the Spirit’s hlep it is possible to magnify Love the way we so naturally magnify fear.

We might be tempted to think we can just keep trying harder to conquer our fears.   Eventually though, hatred or apathy will reveal that fear is still hidden in our nature.

The Spirit of Fear does not come from the Almighty

Have you ever checked that, “Do not fear”, and “Do not be afraid” are written more than any other teaching in Scripture?  Fear opposes faith, and without faith it is impossible to please the Lord..

Jesus taught His followers that there was One teaching that all the others hang on;  “Love God with your entire being, and love their neighbor as yourselves.”  Jesus and every New Testament author were quoting the original Scripture of Torah, Deuteronomy 6:5 and Leviticus 19:18..

This kind of Love only comes from our Lord and Creator’s Spirit living in us and can only be perfected or completed in us through our faith.

Everything that provokes fear of anything in this world comes from the spirit of this world, including the fear of pain, suffering and even death.

When we trust in Reality, the things that are lasting, beyond the perishable things of this world, then His Love becomes perfected in us. When we go through the fire the inflammable is all that will remain after the testing.   Love is inflammable, fear is flammable and we all go through the fire, Mark 9:49: John 15:2

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  1. Indeed, divine love should be our answer to fear. “The Lord is my helper, and I am not afraid of anything that mere man can do to me” ~Hebrews, 13:6


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