Love is Holy

Love is Holy

With a quick study of the word Holy its meaning gains a much greater depth.   That is how I first found a similarity between the word Love and Holy.

YHVH is Love 1 John 4:8.

My original concept of the word Holy was something unattainable and indescribable. Something that could only be associated with the same vagueness I had of YHVH’s perfection.  YHVH is described as being both Love and Holy and He instructs us to be like Him.[1]   What I discovered as I tried to make sense of the impossible is that these two words are actually acts of defined obedience.

Not all words, idioms and concepts translate well into other languages.  The original Hebrew word Holy is “Kadesh” and simply means to be Set Apart.  It means the same in Greek; “Hagios,” implying something becomes different from the world.  The English word Saint comes from the Latin, “Sanctus,” meaning a Holy person, sanctified, consecrated, devoted to, or sacred.

I found three Hebrew words translated as set apart.  Charam, set apart for bad or banned.  Balah is to divide for His purpose, Deuteronomy 10:8.  Palah is to make a distinction.  Psalm 4:3 Hebrews 7:26.

So being Holy or Set apart does not only mean for good.  Something can be set apart for destruction or banned.  Something can be divided for YHVH’s purpose and being Set Apart distinguishes us from those who are not.

YHVH instructs His Set Apart ones to, “Make His Name Set Apart.” To distinguish it, separating it from the profane, unclean, temporary, vanity of the world.  It is our job to exalt the Truth about YHVH’s Character.  Not doing this is an insult or offense, which is translated blasphemy.  Because YHVH is Set Apart from the world, we strive to remain unstained by the world.[2]   This requires humbling our ego in order to obey YHVH’s law of Love.[3]

Holy means acting different and looking different than the World

Be Holy because I Am Holy, Leviticus 11:441 Peter 1:16.  Torah defines Holy by what a person eats, how they dress and what they do.  Take food for example, some people eat pork and shell fish without any side effects.  Some forbidden foods are scavenger animals but others appear to us to be fine to eat.  It is obedience to YHVH’s instructions, above our own understanding, that makes people set apart from those who don’t.

Here is a little side note of my own personal experience with what it means to be holy.   My first experience with how it felt to be different was in the fifth grade when my family moved out to the country.  My natural desire was to blend in with the kids in my class but it became painfully obvious, the very first day of school, that I did not.  After being teased about my bright pink coat, told that I was too skinny and called freckle face, the teacher asked me a math question that I did not know and the class broke out laughing.  To this day I remember being shunned at recess, at lunch, and on the school bus for the rest of that school year.   It is my guess that I am not the only one who dreads being different.

As an adult I thought I had grown out of my insecurities but I was actually surprised to find that I had just learned to hide them.  It was only through prayer that I became aware that my desire to please people meant more to me than pleasing God.  Prayer is also where I learned that pride is the root of insecurities.  Pride manifests itself in uniquely different ways so I didn’t recognize it in myself.  Now that The Spirit of Truth has shed some Light on my insecurities I am able to use them as my pride indicators.  It was pride that kept me working so hard to blend in with the world.  I didn’t want to stand out but rather be like a chameleon, conforming and striving to keep up with my varying perceptions of normalcy.  I would avoid disapproval at all costs; it was unbearable if anyone was upset with me or disliked me.  Whether pride is passive or aggressive, timid or arrogant, recognizing our ego and turning in the opposite direction, keeps it from mastering us.

It is only when we are humble that we are able to receive the implanted Word that is able to save us, and it is only YHVH who lifts us up. [4]

To be Set Apart for YHVH’s purpose means Turning from the World’s Normal.

The world’s deception is that pride is normal.  Normal human nature is self-centered.  The ego naturally desires its own way, mankind has a natural desire to “be their own gods.” [5] We do this every time we set ourselves above YHVH instead of humbly admitting we cannot even make our own heart beat.  The least we can do with the life YHVH gives us is to turn from what the world says is normal and do exactly the opposite, by Loving the way He Loves us. [6]

Do we know how much YHVH hates, (turns from) and abhor Pride which is the Opposite of Love?  James 4:6Proverbs 21:24Isaiah 2:12Proverbs 16:52 Timothy 3:2

How many will spend their lives trying to fit in with this world?  How many will try to please or impress people?  How many believe they need to stand up for themselves to honor their pride?  That may be normal in this temporary life but YHVH is Spirit and He has nothing in common with the ruler of this world, our egos. [7] He is continually calling us out of the world to be Holy, set apart from it. [8] The world is YHVH’s enemy. [9]  His adversary is every bad thing, which is the Hebrew word Ra.  YHVH is every Good thing, which is the Hebrew word Shalom, meaning complete, whole, peace…

Ra opposes Shalom

Shalom is the Hebrew word for completeness, wholeness, order, peace, bliss, perfection etc…  This Perfect Peace is that silent voice we follow, it is The Way that leads to Life.

It is only when we know YHVH is Abundant in Mercy, full of Grace and Compassion. [10] That He is Holy, set apart from everything “Ra.” We are to imitate His Character. [11] Following His Way is the only Way out of death, or separation, and our bondage to Ra.

Our flesh or body with all its pride is not lasting, that means it will perish.  Flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of YHVH. [12] The Kingdom of YHVH is Spirit; everything physical is finite.  We are like a flower that withers and a mist that appears for a little while before it disappears.

Every person born has a mortality rate of 100%.

This world is only our proving ground until YHVH has completely restored His creation to Himself. [13] Thanks be to God the consequence of our rebellion is very temporary.[14]   His Spirit continues to teach those who seek Him as we fix our (spiritual) eyes on what is lasting, real, true.[15]  2 Corinthians 4:18  There is nothing more important than learning to trust YHVH and not fear or revere anything that happens to us in this (temporary) life. [16]

It is our obedience to YHVH’s Love that sets us apart from the temporary.  Love is lasting.

The world is not able to love its enemies, Matthew 5:44 or bless those who curse them or pray for them who persecute, (mistreat, insult) them.[17] Luke 6:28  It is impossible for humans to love like YHVH because we are all imprisoned, oppressed and mastered by pride.

Love makes us Holy.   Love sets us apart from these bodies of death, (separation from YHVH).[18]  Love is reality and  restores us back to (Lasting) Life, [19] Love makes us whole, complete, perfect, even in this world, completely separated from the spiritual, we are to be like Him.[20]

Remain in His Love and His Love remains in us. [21]

Love is Spirit.[22] YHVH is Spirit, YHVH is Love. [23]  Consecrate yourselves to Love.

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