Love in Mafraq

Love in Mafraq

How is going all the way to Mafraq going to help the Syrian refugees? Wouldn’t it be more helpful just to send the money that it would cost to travel there?

That was the reasoning I voiced as my husband expressed his interest in going to Mafraq.  Months before I began to wonder if God may have put that desire in him because it wasn’t going away.  Still neither one of us knew for sure, until we told a trusted friend.  She reminded us instantly, “faith is not knowing.”  We could trust that whatever we did in faith God would bless.

Going to Mafraq was indeed more blessed than I could have ever imagined.
On our first day I was assured when I heard one of our fellow workers express my previous concern about the money. Would it have been more beneficial to donate the cost of our trip instead of personally visiting?   After witnessing the joyful greetings, hugs, kisses, smiles, love and hospitality, he said with a confident smile, this is priceless.
The workers are few who are serving these refugees.  It is an overwhelming job for just a handful of people who began helping dozens of families that have now turned into thousands.

There were many large families of women and children, orphans and widows and some not knowing the fate of their husbands, brothers and sons who had stayed behind to fight.  There are Syrian freedom fighters who are trapped in Syria now, unable to cross over to Jordan because of ISIS.

Even for those fortunate enough to make it to Mafraq, working in Jordan is illegal.  They have no hope to make a new life there.  Their hope is that the war will end and they will be able to return to Syria and rebuild their homes.

Only a few children are able to squeeze into already overcrowded schools.  The longer these young ones are displaced the more they are missing out on their education.

In the mean time the refugees have no choice but to depend on the food cards they receive from the U.N.  Selling portions of these cards was the only way some had to pay rent for a small room.  The U.N. recently decreased these food cards leaving many families unsure of where they will be able to live.

The refugees who are able to get to other countries, like Turkey or Bulgaria, to find work are often taken advantage of and treated unjustly.

The economy in Jordan is suffering greatly under the added weight of overpopulation.  Food and gas prices have increased and the lack of employment has caused even the locals to fear for their countries stability.

With no end in sight of this war ending anytime soon, please remember this teaching of Jesus and the reason our actions are so important toward those in need. “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ Matthew 25:40

Jordan 2014 061 Jordan 2014 073Jordan 2014 080

10710946_10152848304028571_7737994892559147159_n“In the midst of all the displacement, loss of loved ones, homes, emotional pain, missing limbs and a lack of material comforts, I experienced the most genuine love, joy and hospitality.”

Like a light shining in the darkness,  God’s Love was shining so very brightly in Mafraq.

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