Guided by Loving Kindness


Guided by Loving Kindness


As long as people continue to seek Truth from people there will continue to be divisions.

Isaiah 54:13 ; John 6:45Micah 4:2Jeremiah 31:34; Isaiah 55:12Isaiah 50:41 John 2:27; Numbers 11:29Acts 2:39Hebrews 8:11

There is One Creator of All people.

Malachi 2:10Acts 17:26 Jeremiah 27:5

God’s Unseen Spirit is to be our only Teacher, (Pastor, Priest, Imam, Rabbi), Guide, Comforter, Father and friend…

Matthew 23:8-10; James 2:23

Everyone who seeks Him, whole-heartedly, is promised to find Him.

Deuteronomy 4:29Jeremiah 29:131 Chronicles 28:9Matthew 7:7

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