Feast of Unleavened Bread

What Does Purging out the Old Leaven Mean?


Leaven Represents Sin



We call the leaven used in bread dough, yeast, it’s what makes the dough rise or puff up.

Knowledge is something that puffs us up, 1 Corinthians 8:1.  In other words, the more we think we know puffs up our opinions.  Opinions cause divisions, disagreements, arguments, conflicts and even wars because the flesh desires to be right, James 4:1

What are we to do then, when we feel assaulted by some other “know it all” with a differing opinion?  As you may have already experienced, the moment we verbalize our disagreement our puffed up flesh become evident.   No matter how many times we try to punch the hot air out of inflated bread dough it continues to rise.

The Symbolism of Spring Cleaning

Spring is the beginning of months, the first month of the lunar year, Exodus 12:2.

In the days before the annual Seven Days of Unleavened Bread the search for hidden leaven begins.  I always looked forward to Spring cleaning, it’s like an inner time-clock that goes along with the nicer weather.  Now I know an even greater meaning for this time of thorough cleaning.

Keeping in mind the Spiritual parallelism between our homes and our bodies. As we begin our search for leaven in our homes, we also ask for our wrong thinking, anything that puffs us up, to be revealed, Psalm 139:23  .  We start remembering to check ingredients for foods that contain leaven.  Going through all those stored away containers in our pantries, cupboards and refrigerators.  Cleaning every crumb out of our toasters, our ovens, on our counter-tops and floors.

When every spec of hidden leaven is out of our home, and consequently clean just feels good, we are ready to begin eating Unleavened Bread for seven days.  Leviticus 23:6

There are no exceptions to the blindness we humans tend to have toward our own Haughty Pride, John 12:40.  We may even be able to recognize it in others and completely miss the way it looks in ourselves, Matthew 7:3.   The ego or pride of our flesh is attached to an inevitable fall and it is destined for destruction, Proverbs 16:18.   A puffed up ego also makes us unteachable.

Only the humble are able to perceive the wrong in their own thinking in order to (repent) turn and be healed, Matthew 13:15.

Unleavened Bread represents our humbled flesh.  The humble take every thought (opinion) captive and make it obedient to the knowledge of its Creator, 2 Corinthians 10:5.

Remember these appointed days are our Creator’s days, Leviticus 23:4.  His Name perpetual Name is YHVH (He Exists).  His people are those who keep, guard and remember His instructions perpetually.  He does not change, His Word is Perfect.  It will not be abolished until all has been accomplished and that is when heaven and earth pass away, Genesis 1:14Matthew 5:18.

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