Redeeming the Time


Pay careful attention to how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, redeeming your time because the days are full of evil (bad).  Ephesians 5:15,16

If you’re reading this then you’ve been given a gift more valuable than money, the gift of time.  We’ve all been given this same priceless gift.  In my case, I just didn’t understand how much of it I was wasting until I’d lived a half century.  Now I look back on a disarray of memories as if they were bits of a blurry dream.  The present moment passes quickly into timelessness, at a steady pace each second reminds us just how temporary it is, so how can time be redeemed?

Walk in Wisdom toward those who are outside, redeeming the time. Colossians 4:5

Merriam Webster Dictionary defines redeem as making something bad, better or more acceptable, to buy back, purchase, exchange…

The Hebrew word redeem is Gaal.  In addition to the above definition the Hebrew word includes Kinsman Redeemer, (see the book of Ruth for a beautiful picture of mankind’s Kinsman Redeemer.)

The Greek word Exagarazo also includes, to rescue from loss.

Getting a better understanding of the word Redeem helped me realize that redeeming the time was referring to much more than time management.  In reference to Ephesians 5:16, the reason for redeeming the time is also given, “because the days are full of evil (bad).”

How can a day full of bad be redeemed?

First, what is the evil or bad that fills each day?  There is only one Hebrew Word describing everything bad and it’s the same word used to describe the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Bad (Ra), Genesis 2:17.

Ra means every bad thing.  It’s translated chaos, discord, dysfunction, harm and everything else we consider evil.  Ra is simply the opposite of everything Good, the Hebrew word Tov, meaning order, harmony, function etc…

What we do with the days we’ve been given, whether good or bad, will be revealed, Romans 8:19.  As a fire consumes what is flammable but leaves the inflammable unharmed,  1 Corinthians 3:13Revelation 2:11.  From each parable and metaphor found in Scripture we are taught everything bad, (Ra) is perishable; wood, hay and stubble/straw/chaff/briers/thorns.  Everything Good, (Tov) is described as lasting; grain, fruit, precious stones… Matthew 3:12Matthew 13:30Jeremiah 23:28Isaiah 27:4.

Everything Good, (Tov), is Mercy, Loving Kindness, Compassion (Chesed), Truth, (Emet), faithfulness, (Emunah), and our Father’s Word, (Dabar).  These are the things revealed as being everlasting, and they are also descriptions of our Father’s Name, (Who he is); Psalm 119:160Psalm 106:1Psalm 107:1Psalm 117:2Psalm 100:5Isaiah 40:8John 17:17.

The Just Judge Repays Each One According to what They have Done

For the Son of Man will come in His Father’s glory with His angels, and then He will repay each one according to what he has done. Matthew 16:27Psalm 62:12Malachi 3:2Proverbs 24:12Ecclesiastes 3:17Jeremiah 32:19Acts 10:42John 5:22Revelation 6:17

On the day of Judgement the time we redeemed will be revealed by what remains.  Nothing bad (Ra) exists in the sight of the All Consuming Fire, Hebrews 12:29Exodus 24:17.   Just as darkness is exposed as non-existent when it is in the Light.

Each time we intentionally redeem our time, knowing the day is already full of bad, (Ra), and obediently do good, (Tov), we apply our hearts to Wisdom.

So teach us to number our days, so we can apply our hearts to wisdom. Psalm 90:12

I’d love to see some of your ideas and experiences of doing Good in the comments,  Hebrews 10:24.

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