A Tribute to Lancey

A Tribute to Lancey

“He’s gone,” I heard her say,

and all hope of reconciliation died that day.

Now he knows you were sorry…

Yes, maybe Now he knows, as I wiped my tears away.

But I really let him down…

now it’s too late, if only I could have a replay:

Why did I listen to people?

If one’s religion misses Love, it’s not the right way.

God’s Love is Impartial.

Why’d I change my mind!  Because the Rodeo was Gay?

We never spoke again.

What if Love would have been the voice I chose to obey?

They had me so confused.

Please let my mistake help someone else, somewhere, someday.

Of course I should have gone!

Upset religious people never made Jesus sway.

His Love is Eternal.

Choose Love every time, every choice you make, everyday!

I Love you dear Lancey,

your memory will live in my heart, until forever,



One thought on “A Tribute to Lancey

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  1. I remember that break-room well, Lancey was the best, making me laugh about trivial stuff & hot chocolate after school 💕😞 he was a really kind good person.


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