Why Was YHVH Replaced by LORD?

Do You Recognize The Eternal Name of Our Creator? 

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What is His Name?   I Am, ( הָיָה ) Who I Am, (הָיָה Hayah #1961) Exodus 3:14 

It is difficult to recognize the references of our Creator’s Eternal Name because YHVH has been removed from our translations and LORD has been added.  So when we read references, like the one above, “I Am the Living One,” we may miss that it is YHVH.

This is no secret, if you don’t find it noted in the preface of your Bible, you can verify it on google by asking; has the original Hebrew Name YHVH been replaced by LORD?


YHVH means, He Is, Was and Always Will Be.  In other words, He Exists.  As difficult as it may be to find an equivalent translation for the Eternal or Spiritual Name of our Creator, we all know LORD is a common reference used for anyone in authority.

That is why I purposely cross out the LORD and restore the original Name, YHVH #3069.

How Is YHVH Pronounced?

Over 1,700 Hebrew Documents Have Been Discovered with all three Vowel Markers for YHVH; in Hebrew these little marks are called Niqqud.  They were developed in the early middle ages for teaching purposes yet the pronunciation of YHVH is still debatable.

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Prior to January 2018, nobody really had any evidence to stand on and most of us had only heard the pronunciations Yahweh and Jehovah

Etymology – The Study of Word Origins

Since the letter “J” doesn’t exist in Hebrew, and didn’t appear in English until the 1600’s, we can rule out Jehovah and Yahweh was the invention of Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Gesenius (3 February 1786 – 23 October 1842) orientalistLutheran, and Biblical critic.

Nehemia Gordon is a Biblical scholar who studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  When he came across a manuscript with all three vowel markers for YHVH he set out to look for more evidence.

Because the vowel markers are usually missing from the Sacred Name and they’ve been replaced with Adonai, (Lord), it was very unusual for Nehemia to find so much consistent evidence in Hebrew manuscripts from library’s around the world. 

Yet even with so much evidence the pronunciation is still disputed because most Scribes were known to leave out at least one vowel marker, and even add the wrong vowel marker just to throw people off.

Why Did the Scribes Try to Keep The Name a Secret?

You won’t find any instruction saying not to speak or write the ineffable Name of God, in order to keep it from being Blasphemed/Insulted, anywhere in the Torah or Prophets.

This tradition stems from an ancient Babylonian superstition.  The belief that the Name could be defiled has made it become vain.  The Hebrew word Shav #7723, means to make unknown, nothing, worthless, empty, false.

 “You shall not take/Make (Nasa נָשָׂא #5375) the Name of the LORD YHVH (#3068 יְהוָֹה) your God (in/to) Vain, (Shav #7723 שָׁוְא) for the LORD YHVH (יְהוָֹה #3068) will not hold him guiltless who takes/makes His Name in/to Vain (Shav #7723 שָׁוְא).Exodus 20:7 

Judah adapted several Babylonian customs during their 70 year captivity in ancient Babylon, 586-716 B.C., and not pronouncing the Name goes directly against YHVH’s instructions to Make His Name Known.

We are instructed to Know Him by Name, to Thank Him by Name, Sing Praises, Honor, Glorify, Proclaim and Call upon His Name; Exodus 6:3; Psalm 105:1; Psalm 9:11; Psalm 99:6; Psalm 106:1; Isaiah 12:4…

(For more information see, Then began men to call on the Name of the Lord, pg. 39 by Troy Persall)

Make His Name Known in All the Earth

YHVH is written in the Hebrew Scriptures 6,830 times.  As people, like me, learn the Sacred, Eternal, Spiritual Name “YHVH” has been removed and “LORD,” added, they will also begin to restore and proclaim the Eternal Name in all the earth.

“I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might display to you My Power and that My Name may be proclaimed in all the earth,Exodus 9:16; Romans 9:17

Yehoshua Means YHVH Is Salvation

Image result for image of John I have made your name known

The name Jesus and Joshua are one and the same name.  While Jesus is transliterated from Greek, Joshua is transliterated from Hebrew.  The name Yehoshua means “YHVH Is Salvation.”  Yeshua (Salvation) Is our Creator’s Eternal Name, Exodus 3:15.

  John 17:21 that All may be One, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You, that they also may be in Us, that the world may believe that You sent Me.

Is it Possible to Disagree and Remain One?

The marriage covenant is a good example of how two people can disagree yet remain One.  No two people are identical, when, not if, they disagree it is possible to remain faithful to their vow of unity by obediently choosing love, honor and respect.

No matter how we refer to our Creator, just knowing these Hebrew meanings can help us make some revealing connections and gain greater Spiritual understanding.  

Some may pronounce of the Hebrew “Vav” as “Waw” and the “O” as an “U,” the difference is a more ancient accent.  So however you choose to pronounce the Eternal Name remember what YHVH says is Good and what is required of us:

He has shown you, O man, what is good.  What does YHVH require of you, but to act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God?  Micah 6:8

Image result for image of Isaiah 12:4 YHVH
…they make My people forget My Name, Jeremiah 23:27

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