Discerning Judgement

Spiritual Discernment by Observation

 Taste (Taam #2938) and See (Raah #7200) that YHVH, (He Is, Was and Always Will Be) Is Good…Psalm 34:8 

The Bible is full of figurative language and Ancient Hebrew uses physical, concrete terms to express Unseen, Spiritual truth.

“To Taste” and “Observe,” is how we Discern that YHVH is Good, there’s no guess-work involved in Knowing.

Even in today’s English we use “taste” to describe “perception;” when something is “done in good, or bad, taste,” when something we said, “leaves a bad taste in our mouth,” and “a taste of your own medicine.”

When I’m making soup I don’t have to guess if it has enough salt, I taste it until I know for sure.

I used to believe the ability to discern was a gift you either had or you didn’t.  Unlike those who placed such confidence in their instincts and intuition, my assumptions were wrong more often than right.

While being decisive and confident may be a Natural gift, Discernment is one of the seven descriptions of Spiritual Wisdom, Isaiah 11.  Wisdom is given generously to All who ask, James 1:5; Proverbs 8:17.

Most importantly, both Wisdom and Y’hoshua/Jesus are Life, Proverbs 8:35; John 11:25.

Spiritual Wisdom Gives Everyone the Ability to Know

King Solomon was blessed with Wisdom beyond anyone who ever lived or will live.  When he had to judge between two mothers claiming the same baby as their own, he ordered the baby be cut in half and given to both mothers.

He didn’t have to guess well, he knew, without a doubt, who the baby’s mother was. The distinction became as clear as Life and Death, Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, Light and Darkness.

The first mother yielded her rights and pleaded selflessly to give her baby alive to the other woman.  In contrast, the other woman demanded he be divided, 1 Kings 3:26.

Tasting and Knowing, Literally Does Away with Guessing

When it’s time to clean out my refrigerator I guess a lot and I’m sure I’m wrong sometimes.  I think it’s better to be safe than sorry so I toss everything in question.  Now when it comes to my favorite leftovers I’ll take the time to inspect it visually, smell it and even taste it, but not until my senses assure me that it’s good.

I don’t expect a Spiritual prompting when I can see the mold and smell when something is bad.  Yet that is exactly what I was expecting when it came to my greatest dilemma, not knowing when to speak and when not to.

To Speak or Not to Speak

When I was younger I tried to break out of my timid nature by forcing myself to speak.  I believed it was unhealthy to hold negative feelings inside so I practiced recognizing and telling people when I was upset.

As you can imagine, I got a lot of negative, defensive, accusations in return but I prided myself in fearlessly standing up to them.

To Stand up for Myself, or Die to Myself?

Just when I thought I was getting better at speaking up for myself, I began to study the Bible more in-depth.  I couldn’t reconcile ever being offended after reading Psalm 119:165 “nothing shall offend me.”  What “self ” is there to defend if it’s crucified? Romans 6:4; Galatians 2:20, 5:24.  How could I continue to speak up and tame my tongue at the same time? Proverbs 21:23; Psalm 141:3; James 3:8.

Far too many years passed as I struggled with not knowing when to speak and when to bite my tongue.   It’s no coincidence I began writing as an outlet.  I needed an alternative way to process my thoughts.

My mouth seemed out of my control, it kept opening, like a knee-jerk reaction, as I found myself continuing on and on, trying to make my point in different ways, hoping to be understood.  I felt justified because I believed what I was saying was True, Helpful and Necessary, but there was more…

Image result for image of the acronym T.H.I.N.K.

Are My Words  Kind/Inspiring/Good/Life-giving/Selfless/Love?

 Justifying my words had kept me blind to the fact that my mouth had me mastered.  Our Master is the one we obey, Romans 6:16.

Finally it occurred to me there was a reason I was so compelled to confront people.  Did I really believe I could stop being offended and just obediently and selflessly Love people exactly the way they were?

 …and the Greatest of These is Love

One morning I woke up from a dream remembering, “I’m not their Holy Spirit.” It’s the Holy Spirit who teaches each of us, all things, and guides us into, all Truth, John 14:26, 16:13.

In my dream I was so focused on how I could better express myself that I hadn’t realized I wasn’t trusting the Power of YHVH’s Merciful, Loving Kindness, Faithfulness, Long-Suffering, Humble, All Powerful Spirit.

Obediently Loving YHVH, and Loving one Another, frees us from being mastered by our  bondage to the flesh/sin and death.

He tells us there is Only One God, One Spirit, One Shepherd, One Father, One Teacher, Counselor, Advocate, and it’s Him.  If we aren’t mastered by His Love we are still mastered by our Flesh, Matthew 23:9; Deuteronomy 6:4; Leviticus 19:18; John 15:26…

I knew YHVH’s Word, His Torah defines Good and Bad, Spirit and Flesh, Life and Death.  I knew the path to Life/Spirit and Death/Flesh, finally without a doubt, I could see my compulsion to speak was rooted in my flesh.

Spiritual Discernment isn’t a mystical feeling, a prodding, a nudge or that silent voice of our Shepherd, who knows how to get our attention when we listen, John 10:27.

Differentiating between the fruit, or actions, the flesh, with its easily offended ego, and the fruit of the Spirit can be observed.  It’s just not easy to stop justifying myself until I am able to admit there is nothing good in my flesh. Romans 7:18.

Like the true mother, God’s True Love is self-less/flesh-less.  This is how His Spirit of Life can be observed in us and in others, when we know how to love one another, John 13:35; 1 John 3:14.


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