Crown of Life

The Crown of Life is for Those Who Love Him

crown of life
“If you love Me, keep My Commands,” John 14:15

Those Who Love Him Keep His Commands Receiving Wisdom/Life Like a Glorious Crown

Proverbs 4 9 crown of glory

What is The Ancient Hebrew Meaning of a Crown?

The first letter of the Ancient Hebrew Aleph-Bet is a pictograph of an Ox Head.

What do Horns have in Common with Trees or a Woman’s Hair?

Ox horns
Horns Crown the Ox and Ram’s head with Strength, Might, Honor and Glory.

The Bible Gives Several Examples of the Meaning of a Crown

Job-19-9 crown stripped
Job’s honor/glory, (Kavod) was temporarily removed like a Crown removed from his head.

A Woman’s Hair Called Her Glory/Honor, (Kavod)

Hair glory
“for this reason a woman ought to have a (physical) Sign of Authority on her head…” 1 Corinthians 11:10

Understanding Figurative Language Connects All Three to Honor, (Kavod)

A Woman’s Hair “Covers” her.  Her Hair is Her “Glory,” “Honor”

Head Covering
When a woman wears a physical Covering, (Katakalupto), a Sign of Authority Covering, (Katakalupto) Her Glory, which is Her Hair, she is recognized as being consecrated, (kadash) Under God’s Authority.
Crown proverbs 16 31
Gray Hair Crowns the head with Glory because it is Gained by Those Who Have Lived Many Years of a Righteous Life.
crown of glory Isaiah
LORD is Always YHVH in the Original Hebrew.
Crown of Glory
Kavod is the Hebrew root Word translated into English as Glory.  It means one who is arrayed in heavy armor, something that brings honor, a shield of protection, a helmet, the priestly crown.

He Crowns Us With Life, His Love and Mercy, With Every Good Thing

He Crowns
He redeems from the grave, He Crowns with Chesed (His Covenant Love) and Racham, (Mercy)

Jesus, Yehoshua/YHVH’s Salvation, Was Crowned With Glory (Kavod)

crown glory honor
Fulfilled Prophesy of Yehoshua

Every Crown Represents Life


The Victor’s Crown and The Kingly Crown

Crown revelation 2.jpg

A Crown consecrates, Set Apart, Makes Holy.  Priests wore the Turban with Crowns, Exodus 29:6



psalm149_4 crown salvation
YHVH, (He Is, Was and always Will Be) Crowns the Humble with Salvation/Life.

Figurative language is used throughout the Bible and those who search it out will find the Spiritual meaning.

The physical symbolism of a Crown parallels it’s Spiritual Truth.

Just as a physical Crown Sets human beings Apart, (Holy) from the world, the common, unclean and unholy, it reveals that we are Consecrated to God.

Those who wear a physical Sign of Authority on their head, a Turban, Head Scarf or Crown, Humbly yield their human/sinful/weak/nature under the Almighty Power and Authority of the King of the Universe.

Those who Keep His Commandments, His Torah, which is Yehoshua, meaning YHVH’s Salvation, The Only Way of Life, need to prayerfully consider the physical symbolism of the head scarf.

This is Why I Cover My Head:

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