New Moon

Will The Real New Moon Please Stand?

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I hope you’re reading this because you’re confused about the New Moon.  Why are both the Conjunction Moon, (the dark moon) and the Waxing Crescent Moon, (the visible sliver of light on the right side) referred to as, “The New Moon?”

Confusion can be used to discourage or propel us in our search for Truth.

Every time I notice one of these apparent contradictions I know to start searching for the origin.  In the case of the original New Moon, it was the sliver (waxing crescent) sighting long before the Astronomical conjunction (dark) began calling itself the New moon.

The Hebrew Word, Chodesh, Means “to Renew”

The original Hebrew confirms, the word CHodesh, Strongs #2320, is translated into English as “New Moon.”  CHodesh comes from CHadash #2318, meaning New, To Make New, To Renew…  Like the light renewing the moon after a period of darkness, ranging from 1.5-3.5 days.

Image result for image of Psalm 72 moon faithful witness
Psalm 89 is referring to David’s Seed, (the Messiah) will be established Forever like The Moon is a Faithful Witness in the heavens, Psalm 89:4; Luke 1:33…

Daniel prophesied someone would change God’s Set times and they did;

“…intending to change the set times…” Daniel 7:25

Those who search out the original Hebrew meanings will never be deceived.

“… but on the Sabbath day and on the New Moon, (Chodesh #2320) it, (the gate) shall be opened,” Ezekiel 46:1

Moon is Yareach #3394; Psalm 72:5-7; Psalm 89:37; Psalm 72:7; Psalm 104:19

Verses with both New Moon, (Chodesh), and Moon, (Yareach), 1 Kings 6:38; 1 Kings 8:2

“In the first month, (Chodesh)… Leviticus 23:5

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