Can You Hear God’s Voice?

Plug Your Ears and Listen

My sheep Listen to My Voice and I Know them and they Follow Me, John 10:27

“My Sheep,” “My Voice,” “I Know,” “Follow Me,” these are ancient Hebrew metaphors packed full of Spiritual meaning.

I’ve spent countless hours in prayer, just listening, trying to learn how to recognize my Creator’s Voice.  It taught me discipline, endurance and the ability to distinguish my own thoughts of guilt, insecurities and lies from the Truth of His Unfailing Merciful Love.

It’s been almost 10 years since I set out to hear and follow the voice of the Shepherd, metaphorically speaking.  As I look back I can see the path that led me to study the Torah, the first five books of the Bible, and its original Hebrew word meanings.

Listen, and Hear/Obey (Shama #8085} My Voice (Qol #6963); give attention, and Hear My Speech, Isaiah 28:23

His Voice Is Also His Word

Before I started looking up the Hebrew word meanings I had no idea how many synonyms there were for one word. To top that, I discovered the Ancient Hebrew alephbet was pictographic so each letter had a picture meaning.

Deciphering these meanings is like playing Pictionary. I learned that if I couldn’t draw a picture of a word I wasn’t fully understanding its original figurative description.

Faith, (Strongs #539) for example, has a 3 letter root; Aleph-an Ox Head, Mem-Water, Nun-a Sprouting Seed representing Life.Alephbet

In English Faith is defined as “a belief” but in Hebrew Faith is “an action.”  When we love God with all our heart, mind and Strength, we do what He says.  Like Water we flow in His Way/Path/Direction of Life. Deuteronomy 6:5; Matthew 22:37

These figurative examples can be recognized in our New Testament translations. Checking the cross-references makes it easy to test the English to the Hebrew, my favorite is

How Do Sheep Know?

“But they will never follow a stranger; in fact, they will flee from him because they do not know his voice.” John 10:5

This physical example about sheep reveals a Spiritual truth.  Sheep literally know the voice of their Shepherd because He feeds, waters and shelters them.  They never follow a strange voice, they will even run away.

The LORD (יְהוָֹה YHVH #3068) is my shepherd; I shall not want,” Psalm 23:1

Notice I crossed out “The LORD” and replaced the original Hebrew “YHVH?”  I hope you willl click the YHVH in the verse above to read my post about why I do that, but for now I just want to make a connection.

YHVH means, He Is, Was and Always Will Be or Exist.  The Hebrew Name of Jesus is Yehoshua, meaning YHVH Is Salvation.  Jesus says He Is the Good shepherd.

“I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down His life for the sheep,” John 10:11, 14; Hebrews 13:20; 1 Peter 2:25; Isaiah 40:11

“For the Lamb in the center of the throne will be their shepherd. He will lead them to springs of living water, and God will wipe away every tear from their eyes,” Revelation 7:17


YHVH Is the Good Shepherd, He Has One Voice, He Knows His Sheep and they know to only Follow Him. He is also the Lamb (a one year old sheep), The Rock, The Living Water, Bread and many other examples that connect Him to the revelations found in Torah.

What did Jesus mean when He said, “Follow Me:”  Matthew 4:19; Matthew 8:22Matthew 9:9; Matthew 10:38; John 1:43; John 21:19John 21:22John 12:26; Luke 5:27; Luke 9:59; Mark 2:14.

Follow Me, means Walk in Torah; YHVH’s Instructions in the Way of Truth and Life; Proverbs 6:23; Psalm 18:30; Psalm 119:1Psalm 119:105; Psalm 119:142; Psalm 19:7.

Jesus Is the Word, the same Word that was with God in the beginning, and the Word was God.  All things were created by His Word.  His Word Is Life and Light, John 1:1-4.

When Jesus said He Is the Way of Truth and Life, John 14:6,  He was revealing that He Is Torah, John 5:46. He is the same yesterday, today and forever, Hebrews 13:8; Malachi 3:6.

Torah is the unchanging, perfect and complete Word of our Creator.  If you want to know the Voice of God, know His Word.  It is when you know Torah that you will know Jesus, Who Is The Way, Truth and Life.  Only then will we be able to discern the Voice of the Good Shepherd from the voice/words of deception.

Image result for image of Exodus 19:5 voice


Image result for image of Psalm 29 the Voice YHVH

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  1. What people often don’t realize is you’ll never “hear” anything that does not align with the Torah, with the Scriptures. No, He’s not telling you that it’s okay to flirt with that married man–and so on. I once had a neighbor who said that she and “the Man” had an understanding that since she wasn’t doing her past quite serious sinning, that her sinning now was “okay.” The mess that Xtianity created with this whole “personal relationship garbage is just astonishing.


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