The Greatest Commandment

What Did Jesus Say was the Greatest Commandment?

the greatest commandment

Jesus was quoting the “Shema,” a Hebrew word meaning “Hear and Do:”

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YHVH Is Hebrew for He Is, He Was, He Will Be

All Israel knew the Shema; it was written upon their hearts, memorized, and taught diligently to their children.  It was recited while sitting at home, when walking outside, when lying down and rising up…

But then Jesus went on to quote Leviticus 19:18 and He said it was like the first:

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How is Loving YHVH Like Loving Your Neighbor?

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Jesus revealed a Spiritual mystery.  If we think we can love YHVH, who we cannot see, yet we hate people we don’t understand the Oneness of YHVH’s Spirit.

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With the same mouth we bless YHVH our Father, and we curse men, who were made in YHVH’s image:

Image result for image of James 3:9

Why can’t we say we Love YHVH if we Hate People?

Jesus explained the meaning of the Shema, to Hear and Obey.  It begins by establishing YHVH (He Is, He Was, He Will Be, the Eternally Living) as Israel’s God and that He Is One.

The Hebrew word used for One is Echad.  This word is also used to describe the Oneness of a Marriage covenant, Genesis 2:24,  and the covenant made when two nations become One, Genesis 34:16.

What does it mean to Love YHVH with all your heart, (leb) soul (nephesh) and might (meodecha)?

If we Love YHVH we do what He instructed us to do, which included Leviticus 19:18, “Love your neighbor.”

Who is My Neighbor?

Image result for image of Luke 10:29 neighbor
Luke 10:29-37

Jesus answers with the parable of the Good Samaritan.  The Samaritans were despised and the story was offensive to the religious expert, but Jesus told him to go and be like the merciful Samaritan.

Does YHVH’s Word instruct Israel to hate their enemy?

“If your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat, and if he is thirsty, give him water to drink.”  Proverbs 25:21; Exodus 23:45; 2 Kings 6:22

Jesus cleared up this false teaching, and made sure everyone understood the word Neighbor, Rea in Hebrew, includes your enemies.

 You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.  But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,” Matthew 5:43, 44

Love YHVH and Love Others

All the Law and the Prophets depend on these two commandments.” Matthew 22:40

And these Two Commandments are Like One

Image result for image of Galatians 5:14

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