Living Water

The Metaphorical "Living Water" Is "Spiritual Life." "Spiritual Life" Is "Jesus/Yehoshua (YHVH's Salvation)." YHVH Is, Was and Always Will Be "The Fountain of Living Water."

Crown of Life

What is the Crown of Eternal Life? Those Who Love Him Keep His Commands Receive Wisdom/Life Like a Glorious Crown The Ancient Hebrew Meaning of a Glorious Crown What Do These Horns have in Common with a Woman's Hair? The Bible Uses Several Metaphors Relating Honor with A Crown A Woman's Hair and a Tree... Continue Reading →

What is Eternal, (Olam) Life?

Who Will Inherit the Eternal, (Olam) Land, (Eretz)? That's right, the Humble are Those Who Turn From Doing Bad and do Good.  So What Land, (Eretz) Lasts Forever, (Olam)? We All Know it's not this Earth, (Eretz), It's only Temporary. Only YHVH's Word/Promise/Covenant is Eternal, (Olam). YHVH's Eternal, (Olam) Word Became Flesh and Dwelt With... Continue Reading →

Eternity, What Does it Really Mean?

The Truth About Eternity I grew up believing in the mythology of Eternal Torment in Hell Fire.  After all, Hell is the only descriptive word we have in the English language for the place where bad people go when they die.  Our dictionaries even confirm “Eternal” punishment as the destination of the wicked after death. Like most,... Continue Reading →

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