Obelisks Around the World

Most call these Sacred Pillars, Monuments. In the U.S. alone it was easy to find over a dozen.  They can be found in Pakistan, Russia, Bolivia, Rome, Wales, Sweden, Egypt, Spain and many, many more countries around the world. Beyond the fact, it's just plain strange, that these Pillars can be found all over the... Continue Reading →

Prevailing Joy

Offended?  Angry?  Hurt?  Feeling justified by your right to own every negative thought that enters your mind? Feeling helpless against the adrenaline flow that accompanies our most stressful emotional attacks? What if we could see these were all lies?  What if we recognized them as chains holding us in bondage to bitterness, hate and negativity?... Continue Reading →

The Great I AM is Sovereign

The Great I AM is Sovereign Most people of faith would agree there is One Sovereign over All, but they continue to fear the dark. Is He Sovereign, even over The Darkness of Deception?  "I AM said, 'Who will entice Ahab to go up and fall at Ramoth-gilead?' And one said this while another said... Continue Reading →

Mystery of Salvation

Love Reveals The Mystery of Salvation  "And so we know and believe on the Love God has for us.  God (YHVH) is Love.  Whoever lives in Love lives in God, (YHVH) and God (YHVH) in them."  1 John 4:16 "This is how Love is made One (Echad) among us so that we will have fearless confidence on the... Continue Reading →


Near the Goal (Psalm 27:14) Your still small voice, my listening ear, I wait for You to speak.  Courage is mine, You’re by my side, renewed by You as I grow weak. (Chorus) I'm never past the breaking point.  Resting in Your power.  All things becoming possible.  Trusting to the final hour. Many run the... Continue Reading →

Love in Egypt

I knew the first time I heard about it, this trip was going to be different.  No tour group, no crowds of tourists surrounding me as we line up at all the best tourist traps.  The thought appealed to me, I might get a chance to meet the local people and experience their culture. We... Continue Reading →

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