Etymology of the Name Jesus

Why I Call Him Yehoshua Don't worry, I'm not saying anything against your preferred pronunciation, whether it be Jesus, Iesous, Isa, Yeshua or however you say salvation in your language.  Even though I know the etymology of the Name I still try to say Jesus in English because it's the name most people recognize. I... Continue Reading →

Can You Hear God’s Voice?

Plug Your Ears and Listen My sheep Listen to My Voice and I Know them and they Follow Me, John 10:27 “My Sheep,” “My Voice,” “I Know,” “Follow Me,” these are ancient Hebrew metaphors packed full of Spiritual meaning. I've spent countless hours in prayer, just listening, trying to learn how to recognize my Creator's... Continue Reading →

Why Was YHVH Replaced by LORD?

Do You Recognize The Eternal Name of Our Creator?  It is difficult to recognize the references of our Creator's Eternal Name because YHVH has been removed from our translations and LORD has been added.  So when we read references, like the one above, "I Am the Living One," we may miss that it is YHVH.... Continue Reading →

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