Proverbs Chapter 6 With Hebrew

Proverbs Chapter 6 1. My son/child, (בֵּן ben #1121) if you have become surety/pledged, (עָרַב a'arab #6148)) to another/associate, (רֵעַ raya'a #7453 from raah) if you pitch together, (תָּקַע taqaa #8628) hands, (כַּף kaph #3709) with a stranger, (זוּר zuwr #2114) 2. you are ensnared, (יָקשׁ yaqosh #3369) with the words, (אֵמֶר emer #561 from... Continue Reading →

Proverbs Chapter 3 With Hebrew

Proverbs Chapter 3 1. My son/child, (beni #1121) do not, (al #408) forget, (shakach #7911) my Torah #8451!  Let your heart, (leb #3820) guard, (natzar #5341) my Commandments, (Mitzvah # 4687) 2. for, (ki #3588) they will add, (yasaph #3254) length, (orek #753) of days, (yom #3117) and years, (shanah #8141) of Life, (Chay #2416)... Continue Reading →

Death Is Void

What does Reality Reveal to us about Death? As Darkness was separated from Light at the beginning, Death also exists because God separated it from Life. Genesis 1:4  "Seeing the Light was Good God separated the Light from the darkness." Our opinions about death abound, as does our fear, confusion, arguing and division, because death isn't... Continue Reading →

Why Did God Create Israel?

If You Don't Understand Israel, You Don't Understand The Good News. The first time we hear the name Israel is right after Jacob, Abraham's grandson, wrestles all night with a man/God, and he Prevails.   Genesis 32:24; Genesis 32:25; Genesis 32:26. He said, "Your name shall no longer be Jacob, but Israel; for you have persevered, (sarah #8280)... Continue Reading →

Shinning Light on Bad Translations

Shinning Light on Bad Translations Translators have a very difficult task in conveying the most accurate meanings, especially when a different language has no equivalent word or thought. The Bible is loaded with Ancient Hebrew Idioms, Metaphors, Poetic Rhymes, Word Puns and Figurative Expressions that don't always carry over in translation. My concern is not with... Continue Reading →

Hell-fire Mythology or God’s Crucible?

The Mistranslated Metaphor The day I heard there was no concept of eternal hell fire in the original Hebrew Scriptures, I couldn't wait to google the origin of this widely accepted doctrine.  What I found was a link from the Greek to the Egyptian, ending in Mesopotamia. ( Folklore fuels fundamental beliefs based on... Continue Reading →

Love and The Good Tree

Love and The Good Tree Watch out, those who call bad good, and good bad; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!  Isaiah 5:20 It's no surprise we humans get so confused, ever since Adam and Eve ate from that tree in the Garden,... Continue Reading →

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