The Greatest Commandment

What Did Jesus Say was the Greatest Commandment? Jesus was quoting the "Shema," a Hebrew word meaning "Hear and Do:" All Israel knew the Shema; it was written upon their hearts, memorized, and taught diligently to their children.  It was recited while sitting at home, when walking outside, when lying down and rising up... But... Continue Reading →

What is The Beginning of Wisdom?

Compare The English Translation to The Ancient Hebrew The Fear (Yirah #3374 יִרְאָה) of the LORD (YHVH #3069 יְהוִֹה) is the beginning of Wisdom,(חָכְמָה Chokmah #2451 חָכְמָה) and Knowledge (Da'at #1847 דַּעַת) of the Holy One (Qadosh #6918 קָדוֹשׁ) is Understanding, (Binah #998 בִּינָה). Proverbs 9:10 This English translation could be mistaken as our Fear... Continue Reading →

Can You Hear God’s Voice?

Plug Your Ears and Listen My sheep Listen to My Voice and I Know them and they Follow Me, John 10:27 “My Sheep,” “My Voice,” “I Know,” “Follow Me,” these are ancient Hebrew metaphors packed full of Spiritual meaning. I've spent countless hours in prayer, just listening, trying to learn how to recognize my Creator's... Continue Reading →

Proverbs Chapter 3 With Hebrew

Proverbs Chapter 3 1.  My child, (beni #1121) do not, (al #408) forget, (shakach #7911) my Teaching (Torah #8451)!  Let your heart, (leb #3820) guard, (natzar #5341) my Commandments, (Mitzvah # 4687) 2.  for, (ki #3588) they will add, (yasaph #3254) length, (orek #753) of days, (yom #3117) and years, (shanah #8141) of Life, (Chay #2416)... Continue Reading →

Proverbs Chapter 1 English With Hebrew

Proverbs Chapter 1 The Head or Beginning of Knowledge (For English language practice read the blue words along with the recording.  Stop the recording after each verse and repeat) 1.  The proverbs, (מָשָׁל mashal #4912) of Solomon, (שְׁלמֹה Shelomoh #8010) son, (בֵּן ben #1121) of David, (דָּוִד Dawveed #1732) King, (מֶלֶךְ Melek #4428) of Israel (יִשְׂרָאֵל... Continue Reading →

Death Is Void

What does Reality Reveal to us about Death? As Darkness was separated from Light at the beginning, Death also exists because God separated it from Life. Genesis 1:4  "Seeing the Light was Good God separated the Light from the darkness." Our opinions about death abound, as does our fear, confusion, arguing and division, because death isn't... Continue Reading →

Life is in the Blood

How Our Creator's Blood Gave Life to the World Abraham Understood YHVH's Subtitutionary Sacrifice Also by One, All are Redeemed from the Curse of Sin and Death. Yehoshua, (YHVH's Salvation) Is the Ultimate High Priest of the Annual Day of Atonement Yehoshua Is the Scapegoat in the Wilderness After Yehoshua was baptized, the Spirit, like... Continue Reading →

To Know and Proclaim His Name

Only Those Who Know, (Yada) His Name can Proclaim, (Qara) The One and Only, Creator of the Universe, revealed His Eternal Name to Moses.  He said, I Am twice and that Moses was to refer to Him as YHVH, meaning He Is, Was and Always Will Be.  Knowing, the Hebrew word Yada #3045, means to... Continue Reading →

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